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We use contemporary knowledge to help with developing creativity senses, we teach how to build up innovative solutions through tests and prototypes. Our favourite ways of working are: Design Thinking, Sprint Design, Participation Design, Design focused on User, Think with Hands. To all the studies provided, we assure all the required equipment and for the technology activities- sets of materials and tools with proper instruction.

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The most important technology and design workshops:

  • Sprint Design for Hubraum, Cracow
  • Makerspace for The European Network of Science Centres and Museums ECSITE, (event organized with Exploratory in San Francisco and FabLab Grenoble)
  • Warsaw Health Resort for Copernicus Science Centre (subject: “Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science”)
  • “Maturity well designed” for City Hall of Warsaw
  • “Design Thinking Week Kraków” for Foundation Laboratory for Innovation and Creativity
  • “I do change the city” - topic presented for the Region Museum in Stalowa Wola
  • Summer workshops in explorators park for Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw
  • Maker Space Cracow for the chantry Forum
  • Technology lessons for teachers of Young Explorer Club for Copernicus Science Centre
  • Self developed programme of STEM education for United States Embassy in Wrocław
  • Tinkering workshop for TEDx Kraków

Designing industrial products, interactive exhibitions and interior design/space planning

Exhibition concepts, educational programs, general concepts for science centers.

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